Communications/Promotion/Scientific Mediation Department

Sonia Syllac, communications, promotion and scientific mediation officer  mail
05 57 12 47 61

Carole Baisson, visual communications officer  mail
05 57 12 60 46


The Communications/Promotion/Scientific Mediation Department reports directly to senior management and performs the following missions:







> management of circulation lists
> mail shots and relaying information
> intelligence gathering on calls for projects/calls for tender
> lab signposting



  > managing and providing content for the Ausonius website
> coordinating with the communications departments of the CNRS (Inshs and Dr15), Bordeaux Montaigne University and the media
> providing the Bordeaux Montaigne University website agenda with content about the lab’s scientific event
> designing and producing communication media (graphic charter, logos, templates, posters, programmes, etc.)


  Promotion of research results


> supporting researchers in imagining and planning promotional actions for different audiences and identifying which toolkits to prioritize
> drafting online copy for supervisory organization websites (researcher portraits, news about research, education and training)
> coordinating promotional actions: partner relations, conventions, insurance, copyright, exhibition loans, etc.
mounting exhibitions by the lab and its partners: project coordination and/or production of visuals and other communications media: panels, posters, flyers, press releases, invitation cards, etc.

  Support for organizing scientific events

  > seminars, colloquia, congresses, study days: organizational support and/or communication around the event, creation of communication materials
photo reports

Scientific mediation

  Archéopôle museum space

  > management and logistics of the space and scenographic equipment
> management of access badges
> space occupation schedule
> mounting exhibitions
guided visits of exhibitions
  Teaching workshops

  > epigraphy, papyrology, ceramology (with M. Bernier)

  Careers discovery

  > secondary school teachers as part of the "Des enseignants dans les laboratoires" action
secondary school internships
undergraduate and postgraduate internships
  Participation in or organization of mediation actions in the sciences


> Journées Nationales de l’Archéologie, Fête de la Science
> forums, congresses


Scientific evaluation

  > round-ups of researchers’ scientific output
> formatting HCERES evaluation reports